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Sinharaja Rain Forest

Distance from Ratnapura - 30 km (18.6 miles)

Sinharaja Rain Forest, Sri Lanka

The Sinharaja Forest is the last remaining potion of rain forest of the country. The forest has now been declared as a protected area. It's a popular tourist destination for its eco value, bird watching and research. The forest is famous among the scientists for the vast number of flora and fauna. Population increase and one time massive logging operation has decreased the extent of Sinharaja.

The forest covers an area of more than 11000 hectares. From East to west the length of the forest is about 21 km and its width from North to south is about 3.7 km. Sinharaja has been regarded as a valued area from the days of the kings. Now a world heritage site, the forest is protected by the government even though logging, game hunting and gem mining still pose threats to this beautiful piece of paradise.

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