Adam's Peak

Adam's Peak Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

Distance from Ratnapura - 23 km (14.3 miles)

Hill climb of a different type, a pilgrimage for the locals but famous for the spectacular sun rises and the panoramic views of Sri Lanka or simply for adventure.

All four major religions claim Adam's Peak as a holy mountain. Buddhists call the mountain Sri Pada (the sacred footprint) or Samanalakande (Butterfly Mountain) and believe the Lord Buddha has visited the mountain and set his sacred footprint. Hindu's say its Lord Shiva's and Muslims believe that it is the place where Adam first set foot on earth, after being cast out of heaven. Catholics say it is of St. Thomas', the Christian Apostle who preached in South India.

Adam's Peak Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

The summit is famous for the footprint said to be now covered under a huge rock. Thousands of Sri Lankans make this arduous pilgrimage to the summit during the season. It is the most popular hill trail in Sri Lanka reaching 2200m above sea level. The season is between December and April when the summit relatively dry and not misty.